About Our Center

What makes Grace EEC different?

Grace Early Education Center, as an extension of Grace Community Church, is not “just a daycare”. We are an early education center staffed with dedicated, compassionate teachers that are ready to help educate your children while they are here. Our teachers love God and children and are here to provide a safe, structured environment to help bring your children up in the way that they should go (Proverbs 22:6).

How will my child be both taught and nurtured?

Grace follows the Frog Street curriculum to provide a thorough, invigorating educational experience for the children. Kids in one class may be taught to read or listen to a Bible story. Look into another classroom and those children may be learning how to measure liquids and solids by helping make an apple pie. In the next room over, you may see 2 year olds learning about healthy foods. The children here learn through creative playing and attentive instruction.

Why choose Grace EEC?

Our families come to us because we have a great reputation throughout our community for teaching children in a Christ-centered atmosphere, and we have a structured, proven curriculum that truly connects with the children in an educational setting.