Mission Statement

Grace EEC, as a mission of Grace Community Church, exists to provide a Christ-centered environment to care for children of working parents in the East Texas community.

This will be done through a two-fold approach of ministry and education. First, the EEC partners with parents to enhance their child’s spiritual development by meeting their basic needs of growth on a daily basis. This encompasses Biblical curriculum that introduces a child and their family to the basic principles of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Secondly, the EEC functions as an education center, where all elements of the day are learning opportunities for a child which prepares them for their elementary school experience. In addition to the training and education for each child, the EEC also believes in educating parents by providing them tools and resources to become Godly parents.

Through the use of media, technology, take-home family activities, our approach to learning and education in holistic, in that, all of what we teach has the primary focus of assisting a child and their family in discovering a life-long passion for Christ, not merely seeing it as a Sunday activity.

It is not our intention to replace parents in the role of raising their children. Our primary goal is always to point families to Christ and give them the tools they need to improve their spiritual and basic every day living.


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